Our board has formalised the general guidelines of our activities, which are the following:


It is meant to ensure the safety all over the firm, both for our workers and for the external staff. The company commits itself to:

  • Respecting the existing regulation
  • Spreading the culture of prevention of accidents
  • Working for a constant improvement


The company commits itself to protecting the environment, by :

  • Respecting the existing regulation
  • Preventing pollution
  • Working for a constant improvement
  • Keeping a sustainable production in the territory
  • Keeping up with internal and external parties


It is meant to ensure the quality of our products and services. Moreover the company is prepared to pay higher costs, in order to keep critical factors of production which are essential for the preservation of a top quality level, which are the following:

  • To maintain the quality of raw materials
  • To reward our workers' efforts to achieve quality
  • To reduce lead time by adopting flexible technologies